Organic gardening takes into consideration the entire eco-system. It means cultivating and growing plants with nature’s rhythm in mind. There’s a lot going on you cannot see. Birds and bees pollinating and worms aerating the soil.

Organic vegetables may not look pretty, but they taste so much better than commercial produce you find at the supermarket. Nothing tastes better than veggies straight from your garden.

Fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are not only harmful to our bodies but strip away valuable vitamins and minerals. When you are planting your own vegetables you have control what goes in, on and around them.

Although the money and labor involved up front may seem a little daunting, you will prosper in the long run and help the environment too!. Organic produce in the supermarket is usually significantly more than regular produce.

You also will not be responsible for the pollution produced hauling your produce cross country.

When you have your own organic vegetable garden you can go out and play in the dirt. It is not only physically beneficial, but mentally as well. Few things in life are more rewarding than planting a seed and a few months later harvesting your delicious hard work!

No chemicals benefits the environment too. You won’t have pesticides running off into your local water supply and small birds and animals will not be harmed.

Organic gardening also gives you the opportunity to grow what you love! Sometimes it’s hard to find your favorite something at the grocery store. With your own organic vegetable garden you can grow all the things your taste buds desire.

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