Is it Edible?

It is a winter and early spring weed that grows when it is cold. Yes some plants actually thrive in an abnormally cold April. We get his question a lot this time of year between when it starts growing and when your lawn gets mowed for the first time. This weed is in the garlic family and sets seed often before you mow or get around to weeding he garden. But if you see it it will set seeds soon and then launch tiny seeds several feet in every direction. Then next fall, winter, spring you will see a million more. If you pull it or mow it before it sets seed it will prevent it from throwing seeds everywhere. It is in the garlic family and supposedly the foliage is edible. Click below for info. Photo credits: Penn State University Extension.

Identification video

Info Sheet – Is it Bittercress Edible?

How to manager Bittercress – Penn State Extension

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