Kennedy's has inspired successful gardens on the South Shore for more than 50 years.  Gardening is a very popular and challenging but rewarding hobby.  Our goal is for you to be successful in your own yard and garden.  Whether it is growing a houseplant, your lawn, a flower bed, a vegetable garden, a single specimen tree, or an entire designed landscape, we want you to be able to garden with great results.  When you have great results in your yard you gain confidence and gardening becomes more and more fun.  Gardening takes effort but we want you to see, smell, feel, and taste the fruits of your labor!  It is our hope that family, friends, and neighbors will look at your yard and be inspired to do the same in their yards.  Please join us as we strive to improve our community, one yard at a time. 

Local and Earth Friendly Garden Guidance

It's a fact - independent, family run garden centers are the best source for local gardening information.  Kennedy's has a team of experts on staff at all times to answer your gardening questions.  "The Green Team" at Kennedy's can help you select the best plants and products for your yard and lifestyle.  It is our mission to give you this information while being stewards of our environment.  Kennedy's offers a variety of organic and earth friendly alternatives to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  We have the knowledge to guide you and show you how to incorporate the use of these into your regular gardening practices to maximize your success and minimize any negative impact on our environment. 

Your Success is Priority Number One

Customer satisfaction and success is more important to us than short term sales goals.  Kennedy's encourages our staff to inform customers about plants that are less hardy or more difficult to care for, even at the risk of losing sales.  We want you to be a regular customer and we have a generous rewards program.  We hope that, in return for looking out for your best interests as a gardener and consumer, you will reward us with your repeat business.  Word of mouth is our best advertising.  Thank you for spreading the good word about Kennedy's to friends and family so that we can grow another 50 years!  Your feedback is appreciated and we want to continually make your experience at Kennedy's exceptional. 

Happy gardening! 
- Chris Kennedy, Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist (MCH)and Owner of Kennedy's

Chris as a young delivery driver

Chris as a young delivery driver




At Kennedy's, we want to make your experience as easy and pleasurable as possible.  Once in a while things don't go as planned.  The plant didn't survive, the pot was too small or your mom didn't like the color of the geranium you bought for her.  No worries we are here to help make the exchange or return as painless as possible.   Our policies are as follows:


Kennedy's backs our trees and shrubs with an extensive nursery guarantee explained in our planting instructions.  Trees & shrubs are guaranteed for 1 year or 2 years if you are part of the Kennedy's Garden Rewards Program and 3 years for trees purchased through our partner Bower & Branch website.  Trees and shrubs purchased at Kennedy's and installed by our Green Team or a partner contractors have the added benefit of the labor being guaranteed.  Click here for our Landscape Tree and Shrubs Guarantee.


All other plants

We guarantee all other plants for at least 30 days from date of purchase.  Basically if you don't think the plant was healthy when you bought it, bring it back.  As long as it was cared for we will exchange it or offer credit towards a new plant.  We usually don't ask too many questions within 30 days.  See a staff member in store for assistance.

Christmas Trees & Greens 

We use reliable and trustworthy suppliers and do everything we can to ensure freshness of Christmas trees, greens, wreaths roping, etc.  Just like cut flowers, we know even the freshest Christmas items will dry out eventually.  It that happens, let us know and we will do our best to resolve the problem within reason.

Garden Center and Gift Shop Items 

We allow money back returns on most non-plant items within 30 days of purchase when accompanied by an original Kennedy's sales receipt.  Items eligible for return must be in their original salable condition.  We reserve the right to not accept returns on custom orders or other items that were made or cut to order such as ribbon & bows, burlap, weed fabric, water garden liner, etc.  Open boxed items (such as pond pumps) can be returned if they are in the same salable unused condition, but they are subject to a 10% re-stocking fee.

Who keeps track of receipts?

Our cashiers are trained to ask for your contact information every time you make a purchase.  We encourage you to let us connect your name to each transaction in order to track and look up your receipt in the future for returns & credit purposes. We also have the ability to email you your receipt.  f you are not willing to give us your information during the transaction then we ask you to keep your receipt for return or credit purposes. Without proof of purchase, we are powerless to help you in these situations.  Thank you for understanding.

Children and pets welcome

As a community based retail store, we welcome you to visit with your children and pets. We try hard to make our store safe, but reality is there can be many potential hazards in a garden center for children and pets.  Please use common sense and keep a close eye on your loved ones, especially in our driveway and parking lot where cars are coming and going and we have pesticides & fertilizers. We also ask you to be cautious near the display ponds, water features and around our company pets.  Dogs should be kept on a leash at all times and children require adult supervision.  Any pets besides dogs on a leash should get clearance from a manager.

Visiting with a Group

We welcome most public groups to enjoy shopping and meandering through our five acres, even if its just to come for stroll through the warm sunny greenhouse on a cold winter day.  We allow local artists to come paint or take photographs as well. However, our parking lot, greenhouse spaces, and bathrooms are only so big. If you plan to visit with more than a few people, we ask that you please call ahead in case we need to make special accommodations.  Thank you.