Your outdoor houseplants had a good run in the sun this summer. But it’s time to transition them indoors and there are a few things you should know:

1. Change can be hard, so give the transition a little time.

If you have a screen porch or garage, move your plants there first or during the colder evenings, then back in the sun during the day. After a week or so, bring your plants indoors, being careful not to place them near a heat source or in the hottest direct sunlight.

2. Give your plants a gentle rinse to clear away cobwebs and insects.

To be extra sure, we often use an insecticidal soap like Natria or natural Neem oil to discourage hitchhikers.

3. Grow with the flow.

Your plants won’t grow as actively in the off-season, so you can scale back watering a bit. Let your soil be your guide. If you feel like you don’t have spots with decent light, consider adding an adjustable LED plant light.

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