The Basics Of Orchids

Like all other plants orchids need a good balance of air, light, water and fertilizer to grow and flourish.


The most common reason for lack of blooms is lack of light. Orchids want as much light as possible without getting burned. Too much of a good thing can be bad. Dark green leaves are a sign of insufficient light. You want strong yellow/green foliage


Orchids prefer good air flow.. Like the climates they come from a light breeze at all times will not only keep your orchid happy but will also deter disease. Because orchids prefer airy open potting medium most orchids are not grown in soil. Orchid potting medium should have exceptionally good drainage yet be able to hold enough water to sustain the plant We recommend Black Gold Orchid Potting Mix.


Poor watering practices are the number one killer of orchids. Orchids prefer to be watered just as they are starting to dry out. A finger inserted into the soil is the best way to measure moisture. When you do water be sure and water thoroughly. Water until it runs from drainage holes. This will soak the potting medium as well as flush away salt that accumulates. Do a thorough watering at least once a month. A plastic pot will retain more moisture than a clay pot.


Orchids will grow and flower without fertilizer but you will get better results by feeding them. Be sure and moisten the potting mix before fertilizing. Do not use more than 1/2 the recommended strength. Generally orchids should be fertilized once a week during the summer months and every 2 weeks during the fall and winter. Because orchids do not grow in soil be sure and purchase a fertilizer low in urea.

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