Very Invasive!!

There are many very commonly seen weeds in the early spring around April. One very bad one is called Garlic Mustard. It is very invasive and chokes out and even poisons native plants. It is very important we all do our part to pull it and dispose anytime anywhere we see it. Click below to see pictures. It is a plant that has a garlicy smell when crushed. It can look like a low groundcover in year one. In year two it becomes more busy. It looks lush and round in April as the flower buds start to form. By May it starts to form small white flowers. Then sends up taller seed stalks by late spring & early summer. The best and most important time to take action is before the seeds disperse. Anytime in spring is best. If the soil is most after a rain event it makes them a little easier to pull. It you get root and all and dispose of the plants you can make a serious dent in the population. It is best to discard the plant in the trash, not compost, especially once it has flowered and started to set seed. For further info click on the below links.

Garlic Mustard ID by UMASS Extension

Informative video from Chicago Botanic Garden

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