The Most Common Questions, Our Answers and How Easy It Really Is to Plant Them

We know not everyone has a lot of extra time or desire to work on and in their yards. We have come so far in offering plants and services to make it easier and more fun to grow. You don’t have to consider yourself a gardener.

So, if there was a short list of things our growers in the crowd could do—relatively quickly, with big returns on investment—it would be to plant spring-flowering bulbs. It’s that easy! And it’s one of those things you can do on a whim, forget about, then thank your lucky stars you did come spring. Just when you need the encouragement, your bulbs rise to the occasion with early spring shoots and, well, it’s a pretty special surprise.

Here they are—the most common questions we hear. Nothing can stop you now!

Q: When should I plant spring-flowering bulbs?

Any time between September and early November before the ground freezes.

Q: Can you plant bulbs in any type of soil?

Yes, as long as it’s well-draining.

Q: Should I plant in the sun or shade?

It actually doesn’t matter because there will be no leaves on the trees and no full shade, but you can check Chris’ Bulbs blog for a list of bulbs that will do well in spots with a little more (eventual or man-made) shade.

Q: How deep should I dig the hole and plant my bulbs?

Plant about three times the height of the bulb.

Q: Does it matter how I sit the bulb(s) in the hole?

Yes, pointed side up! The pointed side is the stem (you may even be able to see some shriveled roots on the flatter side). But if you can’t really tell, don’t worry. The stem will find its way to the surface eventually.

Q: When should I fertilize my bulbs?

When you plant them and in early spring to give them a little added boost.

Q: Should I water my bulbs after I plant them and if so, how much?

Bulbs only need to be water thoroughly immediately after planting.

Q: How can I keep animals from eating my bulbs once I’ve planted them?

Sprinkle an animal repellant in the hole BEFORE planting the bulb, then a bit more on top of the soil after filling the hole.

Let us know how it goes and send pictures in spring!

. . . . . . . . .

Watch for more blogs and resources on proper planting technique, water and fertilizing guidelines, pruning tips and so much more. Until then, you’ll find some great resources online.  And feel free to reach out to us in store or by phone at (781) 545-1266. We live for this stuff!



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