The Spotted Lanternfly is a non-native and invasive insect that has potential to do a lot of damage to local trees and other plants on the South Shore.  It is our understanding an isolated case was reported on the South Shore to date, but as of now no infestation has been reported.  This issue is important enough to alert gardeners of the potential impact.  There is zero reason to be alarmed at this time.  But it is a good idea for gardeners to be aware of this pest, know it’s damage potential and have the ability to identify the insect in it’s various stages, including egg masses that would be seen in the winter before they hatch. Various universities and government entomologists are working on solutions to minimize the harm this pest cause. Reporting this pest is also encouraged to keep it in check.

Below are Links to some of the various resources available.  The information may change faster than we can update our website so following the local extension services is a good way to stay current on the latest information:

UMASS Extension – this site is a little technical for homeowners, but it contains good information and UMASS is the most knowledgeable about what is going on currently in Massachusetts.

Penn State University – this pest is in the Pennsylvania area and they have experience dealing with the Spotted Lanternfly
~ This is how to identify egg masses

~ this is info on how to ID the insect in its various stages
Spotted Lantern Fly Indentification from Penn State 2-16-23

~ this is info on how to manage the pest if it comes into the South Shore.
Spotted Lanternfly Management Guide

Report Spotted Lanternfly in Massachusetts

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