Seashore Plants

Seashore Plants

Based on years of experience helping clients grow plants on the south shore, we’ve compiled a list of plants that have shown tolerance to the salty winter winds of the southern New England Coast. Some plants may perform better than others.  Evergreen plants that hold leaves or needles during winter generally do not do as well as their deciduous counterparts, hence the reason there are so few evergreens on this list.  This list is meant to be a guide and start point for any discussion and design.  If it is on this list it has a chance to survive in difficult conditions, but it by no means will thrive in seaside conditions.  Few plants thrive.  Almost every property is unique and has it’s own set of microclimates, wind directions, sunlight, etc. that affect plant survival.  Please consult an experienced Kennedy’s salesperson for advice based on your specific site conditions.

* denotes plants with some type of winter interest
* denotes plants with some type of winter interest


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  1. Janet E Watson says:

    Do you carry beach plums? If so, what size and price?

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