Roses have hundreds of species and thousands of cultivars.

At Kennedy’s Country Gardens we do our best to sell the most prolific blooming and disease resistant varieties. Many of the newer roses are fairly easy to grow, especially if you have a sunny part of the yard to grown them. However, you may need to spray for bugs or fungus occasionally. If you do need to treat your roses we recommend RoseRx as a good product to control pests and disease. We recommend Espoma Organic Rose Tone.

Shrub Roses

This type of rose includes the Knock Out series of roses. They are known to be fairly easy to grow and require less spraying. Shrub roses are generally bred for disease resistance and ease of care. Kennedy’s carries a great selection of Knock Out roses.

Climbing Roses

This category of roses can be trained to climb up trellises, arbors and and along fences to add color and charm to your landscape. David Austin ‘New Dawn’ is a stunning climber.

Groundcover Roses

This type of rose bush is expanding every year because they are easy to grow and stay lower in the landscape. Usually 3 feet or less in height. A series of groundcover roses called Flower Carpet started giving this group of roses a buzz. Another series called Drift Roses is now a very popular collection of low growing roses. Our buyer, Susan, loves Apricot Drift and Rose Flower Carpet.

David Austin Roses

This a branded collection of older style roses, many of which have been bred to be more resistant to insects and disease. The priority in this breed of roses is their flowers. Many David Austin Roses have long stems, perfect for cutting, colorful flowers and fragrance. David Austin ‘Charlotte’ is a customer favorite.

Floribunda Roses

Floribundas were produced by crossing Hybrid Tea Roses with Polyantha Roses. The result is a smaller shrub with  an “abundance of floras”. They can be single or double and tend to be fragrance free although there are some newer varieties that do have a scent. Floribundas are also known for their hardiness. An all time floribunda favorite is ‘Julia Child’.



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