Many of the newer roses are fairly easy to grow, especially if you have a sunny part of the yard to grow them.  You will need to spray for bugs or fungus occasionally, but if you choose types that are low maintenance, the work is minimized.

  • Shrub Roses - this type of roses includes the Knockout series of roses.  They are known to be fairly easy to grow and require less spraying.  Shrubs roses are generally bred for disease resistance and ease of care.
  • Climbing roses - this category of roses can be trained to climb up trellises, arbors and along fences to add color and charm to the landscape.   
  • Groundover Roses - this type of rose bush is expanding every year because are easy to grow they stay lower in the landscape, usually 3 feet or less and slightly wider.  A series of groundcover roses called Flower Carpet starting giving this group buzz.  Another series called Drift Roses is now a very popular collection of low growing roses.  Our rose buyer Susan loves the Peach Drift!
  • Hybrid Tea Roses - this category is bred for long stem cutting roses that come in a wide array of colors and degrees of fragrance.  Most hybrid teas are great fro cutting and bringing inside to be placed in a vase.
  • David Austin Roses - this is a branded collection of older style roses, but many of which have been bred to be more resistant to insects and disease. However the main priority in this breeding over the years has been the flowers.  Many David Austin Roses have long stems, colorful flowers, with many rows of petals and many are very fragrant!