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6″ Pot

PLATYCERIUM ‘Staghorn Fern’

A staghorn fern, or elkhorn fern, is native to the rain forests of Queensland Australia where it’s found growing on rocks and on the sides of trees. The large, spectacular, thick, outer leaves (“antler fronds”) grow out of the center of the plant and are shaped like elk or moose antlers. These leaves are covered in fine hairs that make them feel a little furry and give a staghorn fern a gray or silver look. The other very different looking leaf at the bottom of a staghorn fern is a brown, cup-shaped leaf (shield frond) that in nature captures nutrients that the plant needs. Outdoors, this frond also helps a staghorn fern cling to rocks and trees. Indoors this cup shaped frond helps a staghorn fern cling to the sides of the container in which it’s planted. Although a staghorn fern can be grown in a pot like any other houseplant, it looks best when mounted on a hard surface like a decorative board and hung on the wall. The bottom frond helps a staghorn fern cling to the decorative board.

Although there are many different species of staghorn ferns, the most popular one used as a houseplant is the Platycerium bifurcatum variety. A staghorn fern is not a good plant for someone who wants a forgiving,  green friend that can put up with being ignored or not cared for properly. This plant must be in an area that gets bright, indirect light and you can substitute artificial light. How you water your staghorn fern is very important because over and under watering are the main reasons a staghorn fern dies. Since staghorn ferns are often mounted on boards, the usual ways of watering potted plants won’t work. You’ll need to soak the fern in a sink of water for 10-20 minutes or mist all parts of the plant (undersides of the fronds especially). Follow the care tips below and you will have a staghorn fern, when mounted, looks like a piece of art.

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6", 8"

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