Philodendron Erubescens – ‘Pink Princess’


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Pink Princess is a stunning rare and expensive houseplant (but easy to acre for) with dark green to black waxy leaves with bright pink variegation. It is considered rare because growers cannot guarantee the philodendron will actually become pink until leaves mature. The pink parts of the leaves are due to lack of chlorophyll. It is important to have leaves that are a combination of both pink and green. All pink leaves will eventually die due to complete lack of chlorophyll.

Princess prefers bright indirect light for the best variegation. Lack of pink is usually due to lack of light. Keep her away from direct sun. Princesses do not like sunburns!

Water when the top inch or so of soil is dry. Do not over water! They prefer a high humidity but will survive in regular home temperatures. Keep her away from drafts in the winter months.

The Pink Princess prefers well drained soil, so be sure and add some perlite to the potting mix. Repot every one to two years. Fertilize with a liquid houseplant fertilizer in spring and summer.

Pink Princess loves to climb so provide her with something like a moss pole for her aerial roots to climb on. The average size of a mature Pink Princess is 2-4ft. Her leaves can grow up to 9” long by 5” wide.

*Pink Princess Philodendrons are toxic to pets

*Do not be fooled by the ‘Pink Congo’ Philodendron. The pink in this Philo is not created by nature but by injecting chemicals. The leaves will revert back to all green

8″ Pot

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4", 6.5"

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