Ficus Audrey


10 – 12 feet

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Botanical Name Ficus benghalensis
Common Name Ficus Audrey, banyan tree, strangler fig
Family Moraceae
Plant Type Tree
Mature Size 5-10 ft. indoors, 65-100 ft. outdoors
Sun Exposure Partial
Soil Type Moist but well-drained
Soil pH Acidic


Ficus Audrey is also known as a Banyan Tree. In the wild these trees can grow up to 100ft. It is a close relative to the Fiddle Leaf Fig, but less finicky and easier to care for. While easier to grow than a Fiddle Leaf Fig, it is not for beginners. It has smaller slightly fuzzy oval shaped leaves and like most Ficus us considered toxic to pets.

Audrey requires several hours of bright indirect light. A south or west window is best. Avoid extended amounts of time in direct sun.

It prefers moist, well drained soil. Mix with Perlite & sand and it will keep Audrey happy. She only requires re-potting every 2 -3 years. Do this in the spring or summer. Don’t go any bigger than 2-3 inches larger for its new pot. Audrey Ficus actually prefer to be a little root bound.

Allow the top 2-3″ of soil to dry between waterings and then water thoroughly. Do not let it dry out completely between waterings. Audreys can take some dryness, but be sure not to overdue it.

Like most houseplants be sure and keep Audrey away from drafts and extreme temperature changes.

Fertilize once a month from spring to fall.

Audreys can up to 10-12′ indoors. Regular pruning will help keep its shape. They don’t need aggressive pruning. Target branches that are dead. leggy or make Audrey look lopsided.

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10", 12ft, 14"

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