Container gardening is a fun way to garden almost any where you choose.  Many people start their foray into gardening with growing plants in pots.  You can grow all kinds of plants in containers including an amazing array of colorful tropical and annual plants as well as interesting foliage plants and don't forget the reward of growing edible plants.  Fruits, vegetables and herbs are generally easy to grow in pots if you choose wisely and learn about their care.  Growing edibles in containers allows you to place them in convenient locations such on your deck, just steps from your kitchen.  Your family, friends, and children will be rewarded by your efforts.

Getting started with container gardening starts with the pot.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, materials and styles.  Our designers can help you choose the right container for your situation.  

Coldbrooke Pottery - this is one of our favorite lines of pottery. These pieces are made all hand made by a local potter in Scituate, MA.  This pottery is stylish, very high quality and even customizable.  Kennedy's maintains a nice selection, but let us know if there is something you want but don't see.  These pots make excellent gifts for gardeners, teachers, and hostesses. 

Campania International - this is one of our larger suppliers of garden products.  They do everything from pottery & light weight planters to statues, birdbaths, fountains and more.  Please click here to see their entire online catalog.


Pottery Materials…

Pottery comes in many materials.  all of them have their Pros & Cons.  Here is a brief run down:

  • Terracotta & Glazed - the most common material for pottery made from clay usually shaped by hand and fired in a oven to harden. These come in so many shades, textures and finishes and often offer a refined look.  The downside is that clay can crack in winter.  We suggest removing soil from clay pots if leaving outside in winter.
  • Wood & Metal - both materials hold up really well to New England Winters.  These materials do not crack but often have to be treated with paints or stains to maintain appearance or keep from deteriorating.
  • Poly and Lightweight - much research and innovation is happening with plastic and other light weight materials.  These new higher end pots can withstand temperature extremes and almost never crack unless they are banged or dropped.  Some plastics hold up very well in sunlight.  Cheaper plastics will not hold color as well.  Easy to pickup and move.
  • Concrete & Stone - Concrete and stone are both very heavy to move around.  This is seen as a downside in some situations but in commercial situations it makes them less likely to be messed with or stolen.  Granite planters & birdbaths almost never crack and often last generations.  Cement, even thick walled cement, can crack and we advise removing the soil before winter or make ultra sure the drain hole does not clog, which usually helps avoid cracking.