Plants at Kennedy's

"Right Plant, Right Place"

That simple motto is the goal of every horticulturist. 
A plant will be happy if it is planted where it belongs. Let us help you match the right plants for the specific conditions on your property.
Success begins with the right information and a quality plant.  We strive to provide you with the best of both.

Below is an overview of the plants we carry as well as valuable information sources for you to explore here on our website and beyond.


Our Nursery

Kennedy's Country Gardens is proud to provide the South Shore with one of the most diversified nurseries in Massachusetts dating back to before we owned the nursery, when most of plants were grown on site in the ground.  Now we rely on many specialty growers located in New England, along the east coast and a few as far west as Oregon.  From April through October, our nursery is stocked with a vast selection of trees, shrubs, evergreens, vines, groundcovers, ornamental grasses, and roses. You can feel confident buying your trees and shrubs from Kennedy's because they are backed by our famous one-year guarantee.  Become a Kennedy's Rewards Customer to extend that guarantee to two years!

At Kennedy’s we proudly support the Handpicked for You program.


Our Greenhouses

At Kennedy's we have 4 heated greenhouses that are open and heated all year.  Our peak month is May, where we are exploding with color and bursting at the seems with plants tucked in every nook and cranny we can find.  As the days and seasons pass by the plants inside and out of the greenhouses change with the weather.  Spring tends to be dominated with soft pastels, starting with Easter, with pansies, petunias, geraniums, impatiens gradually transition to the hotter colors of summer.  Autumn brings in the deeper colors of the fall in New England with mums, asters, ornamental pumpkins and more.  Poinsettias and other Holiday plants provide the color for the Christmas season.  Many visitors enjoy strolling the sunny warm greenhouses, even in on the coldest of seaside winters see our birds and tropical foliage plants.

You of course are welcome to visit anytime. 

Here are some additional resources to explore:

Our Plant Finder page - search for plants by characteristics, explore and easily compile lists of plants that will work for you.
Bower & Branch - one of our favorite plant suppliers, they ship all trees and plants within 7 days, but the website is a valuable research tool.
Kennedy's Plant Information Page - this is the place we created to share a lot of the gardening information we have collected over the years.
Seasonal Tips - Season by season, month by month tips geared for South Shore gardens Kennedy's staff members have compiled over the years.
Just click on the season and find a list of things to do your yard & garden.