It’s the most wonderful time of the year when we can start decorating with wreaths, swags & garlands. Most people think of the scent of pine filling their homes, but there are lots of other delicious winter scents you can use. Here are a couple ideas to keep your holiday greens alive through the season.

• Buy local and freshly cut as possible.

• Outdoors is best! They will look their best for the longest. Shady areas are better than sunny.

• Most greens can only thrive a couple weeks inside your home, so delay bringing them inside as long as you can. Keep them outside in the shade or garage until you bring them in.

• Soak! If possible completely submerge your greens for a few hours to rehydrate them before decorating or hanging.

• If you are unable to soak your greens at least give the ends a cut and let the ends soak in a bucket of water as long as you can. Water should be changed every few days. It is ok if the water freezes, just budget time to thaw the ice.

• Mist indoor greens daily if possible. This will help in extending their life. Be careful for any non-water proof decorations and surfaces.

• Spray with an anti-desiccant spray. These sprays were developed for plants in dry, drought-prone areas to retain their moisture. It can prolong freshness of cut greens. Thoroughly coat the leaves and needles and branches from all angles before arranging. These sprays are organic and bio-degradable.

• Keep them cool. Avoid placing them in areas with direct sun, an active fireplace or wood stove or close to heating vents.

• Most firs and juniper/cedar tend to last the longest.

• Try something different! Small potted evergreens, topiary boxwoods, etc. look great in pots. Kennedy’s stocks these for both indoor and outdoor use.

Balsam Fir – very fragrant, traditional smell

Fraser Fir – similar to above, but richer color & drops less needles. Only slightly less fragrant.

Noble Fir – long lasting, bluish color

Silver Fir – Rich green, silver undersides, long lasting

White Pine – long fluffy needles, Kennedy’s gets many of these fresh locally

Juniper/Cedar – varying type, often with berries, fragrant

Incense Cedar – green foliage with attractive yellow buds

Blue Spruce – nice color, prickly needles, lasts better outside

Port Orford Cedar – long, rich green branches with flatter foliage

Hinoki Cypress – similar to above

Leyland Cypress – similar to above, some come variegated green & white

Carolina Sapphire – blue spiky foliage, unique and colorful

Arborvida – rich green color

Gold Tipped Cedar – green foliage with yellow tips, interesting

Boxwood – small green leaves, light fragrance, some love, some don’t, best soaked in water.

Variegated Boxwood – Green and cream yellow leaves, keep out of sun, nice contrasting colors

Pieris/Andromeda – not often available for sale, attractive buds & shiny leaves

Holly – with berries can be festive, best inside, some turn black outside after cold nights

Kennedy’s will have more variety than the above list. Be sure to check out our fresh greens areas between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Selection changes every few days. Also you are free to borrow ideas from our experts. Be sure to see at our decorated wreaths and pot fillers.

Other holiday plant options:

Inside- Norfolk Island Pine, Rosemary, Lavender, Ivy, Lemon Cypress, Citrus, Forsty Fern, Poinsettias, Anthuriums, Peace Lilies,

Outside – boxwood, juniper, Wintergreen, Hinoki Cypress, Gold Cypress,

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