1. Monstera Deliciosa ~ Swiss Cheese Plant

This is a very common houseplant, however that doesn’t prevent it from taking the highly coveted #1 best houseplant spot on my list. I love it because it inspires houseplant confidence- it makes a big tropical statement while being extremely easy to care for. I have several old monsteras and in an effort to keep them a manageable size I have shared cuttings and baby plants from my mother plant with all the greenhouse staff. I’ve given them as wedding presents and birthday gifts, it’s a plant that never stops giving!

2. Fatsia Japonica ~ Paper Plant

The leaves are just incredible, a very unique shape. Camo is my favorite color variety but there are many types of variegation these plants can exhibit like spider web and the white form. Fatsia Camo is elaborate with a mosaic of varied shades of green.. This unusual houseplant is pet safe and likes it bright, so if you have the light and a pet it’s a top recommendation. They can get large but we often get them at 6 inch pot size so they can be a tabletop plant and slowly graduate to being a floor plant as they mature. In terms of 100% pet safe floor plants the list is short. It can also perform extremely well as a patio plant in shade containers for height & drama.

3. Aspidistra Elatior  ‘Milky Way’ ~  Cast Iron Plant

An uncommon, old fashioned houseplant that now is available in variegated varieties lives up to its name- it can handle very low light conditions and it isn’t a boring snake plant. (the most likely plant to fill this light requirement niche in your home) It truly looks like little stars speckled over the deep green foliage.

4. Zamiculus Zamiifolia Raven ~ ZZ Plant

Fern aesthetic without the fern drama! This is by far the easiest plant to care for in my collection right up there with snake plants. I water once a month and it can take low light. I find this plant prefers benighted neglect and it rewards me with long and bright green new growth which matures to a dark almost black.

5. Spathiphyllum ~Peace Lily

I inherited my Peace Lily from my grandmother, and it’s a testament to the resilience of this plant. It can take a wide range of light conditions and can handle dark spaces. I also feel like it communicates when it’s thirsty. The leaves wilt dramatically with underwatering but they always spring back after a drink. Great for building plant parent confidence.

5. Ficus Elastica ~ Rubber Plant

Rubber Trees come in a myriad of colors and they are extremely tolerant plants. Lower light environments will lead to reduced growth but they are able to handle it. They can also handle drying out between waterings. A standout in terms of ease of care and light tolerance among ficus and indoor trees.

7. Dracaena Fragrans ~ Mass Cane ~ Corn Plant

I got one when I was first getting into plants and it survived the trials and tribulations of early plant parenting. At one point I overwatered it and it looked a little scraggly, then I went through a phase where I didn’t like it anymore… so I stuffed it in a low light corner. I swear I only watered it once or twice in almost 8 months and it looked gorgeous, even giving out new growth! I fell back in love with it. Mass Cane really have a presence in the room, their long fronds really have a presence.


4 responses to “Katie’s Favorite Easy To Care For Houseplants”

  1. Susan OBrien says:

    Awesome! Thanks for this resource 🙂

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Katie,

    I love that someone is a house plant expert at Kennedy. I really want this plant! What is it and do you ever sell them? I have looked, but don’t ever see one. Oh shoot! Guess there is no way to send the picture. I’m coming to find you.


  3. Robin Moniz says:

    Hi Katie, just want to say how much I love shopping at Kennedy’s. Everyone is so helpful and I love talking plants with you. I have been to other garden centers and there is no comparison to Kennedy’s. Katie, you are a wealth of knowledge and have helped me with many questions. Keep up the good work and I will see you soon. Robin

  4. Carmen DAgostino says:

    Thanks to a knowledgeable person at Kennedy’s, I purchased the Monstera Deliciosa last year and it is thriving. and growing beautifully; not sure when to repot, though.


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