Green Team Planting

AFTER purchasing your plants at Kennedy’s, please fill out this form to be added to the planting schedule. Failure to complete the form will delay scheduling. Before submitting the form, please be sure you have all the answers for the required boxes, especially your Dig Safe number.

Dig Safe – Call 811 during their scheduled hours to have utility companies (gas, electric, cable, water, etc.) mark out where their lines are so we do not damage lines during planting. This is a legally required step, and we need an authorization number before we can schedule a planting.  The Dig Safe website contains explanations and helpful information.

Water Lines – Because water lines are usually buried four feet or deeper, town water departments are not always notified to come out when a Dig Safe call is made. Water lines are not usually an issue, but please call your town’s Water Department or DPW if you are concerned.

Irrigation System – Please see section below.

Please call the store at 781-545-1266 during store hours or email us if you have questions.


Please fill out form entirely