Green Team Planting

AFTER purchasing your plants at Kennedy’s, please fill out this form to be added to the planting schedule. Failure to complete the form will delay scheduling. Before submitting the form, please be sure you have all the answers for the required boxes, especially your Dig Safe number.

Dig Safe – Call 811 during their scheduled hours to have utility companies (gas, electric, cable, water, etc.) mark out where their lines are so we do not damage lines during planting. This is a legally required step, and we need an authorization number before we can schedule a planting.  The Dig Safe website contains explanations and helpful information.

Water Lines – Because water lines are usually buried four feet or deeper, town water departments are not always notified to come out when a Dig Safe call is made. Water lines are not usually an issue, but please call your town’s Water Department or DPW if you are concerned.

Irrigation System – Please see section below.

Please call the store at 781-545-1266 during store hours or email us if you have questions.


"*" indicates required fields

Let us know if your house is hard to find or has a hidden house number. Please let us know the color of your house, etc and anything else that we might need to know about where to park our truck that makes the planting go smoothly & efficiently. Can we turn around in your driveway, or should we back in?
Per the Dig Safe info above, we need an authorization number in order to schedule a planting. If for any reason you don't need one, enter 1234 and we will contact you to discuss details.
Do you have Kennedy's flag(s)?*
Kennedy's provides flags at the front counter for you to place in the yard so Kennedy's Green Team know where your plantings are going.
Irrigation system*
Kennedy's does not repair irrigation pipes or sprinkler heads. Please mark pipes and heads to save yourself an irrigation service call.
Please list and explain any challenges we might encounter if you have a heavy tree - are there any gates, stairs, hills, tight spaces or special situations that might require additional manpower or special equipment to get the plants or supplies to the planting location.
Size of Planting & Mulch Area*
A normal planting in the lawn or garden bed includes removing a circle of grass, weeds , groundcovers etc. and digging a hole a little wider than the size of the root ball. Then we spread a layer mulch in a small circle around the top of the root ball to protect the tree roots, retain moisture and suppress weeds.
Please explain if you need to us to dig out and remove more than the small circle around each plant purchased so that we can bring more mulch to fill in between the plants, etc. Any undisclosed information about the scope of the project could result in delays and extra charges. Help us to be prepared with the right people, tools, equipment, allotted time, etc. by providing these details in advance.
Debris Removal*
We charge for removing and disposing of materials we dig up such as grass, weeds, roots, rocks, trash, etc. Should we take this material away?
(Eg. We have a compost pile behind the shed to the right side of the property, but place any rocks at the edge of my veggie garden.)
Do you want us to water after we are done planting? If so, please leave out a hose.
Tree Staking*
Larger trees, especially in windy areas and/or planted late in the season, may need staking so they grow straight. A Kennedy's salesperson can help you decide if you are not sure.
Any other comments or instructions for the planting crew? Please email us a photo of where the tree is going if the job is more than just a simple planting. It will help ensure we have the tools and equipment needed to do the job properly.