Garden & Landscape Supplies

Kennedy's is your local headquarters for all things gardening, decorating and landscaping.

Kennedy's is a full service garden center with staff who are conscious of the role we play in advising you on the safest choices you can make for you, the environment and our future.  We stock all the gardens items you would expect us to such as soils, compost, mulches, fertilizers, bug sprays, animal repellents, pruning tools, gloves, watering cans, hoses, plant stakes, seeds, and flowering bulbs. 

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Soils, AMENDMENTS, sprays & repellents

We have done the research and offer only quality lines of soils, mulches and fertilizers at a fair price.  We feature brands such as Coast of Maine, Fafard, Organic Mechanics, Sweet Peat, Elements, Espoma, Bonide, Jack's Classic, Neptune's Harvest, Hoffman and Jonathan Green.

Click below to learn more about our premium composts, both available in bulk that can be picked up or delivered in larger quantities (and more cost effective) than what we have available in bags.


Seeds, bulbs & Growing Supplies

Herbs, vegetables, flowers, perennials and wildflower seeds are usually stocked from January through early summer, as well as all the soil, seed inoculant, pots, trays, domes, etc you need to get things started right.  Our favorite seed brands include Botanical Interests, Renee's and Livingston's.

Each fall we offer a nice collection of spring flowering bulbs from Holland.  We carry a deep selection of Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, Allium and more.

Kennedy's also carries a full line of grass seed from MNLA to get your lawn looking great.  We have seed for all conditions from sun to shade including bluegrass, fescue and rye mixes.  

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Tools, gloves & Watering Supplies

Count on Kennedy's to have high quality garden tools and supplies to get or your loved one fitted for gardening season.  Garden gloves, hats, hand tools, watering wands, hoses, watering cans and more.  

Some of our favorite brands include Dramm, Felco, Joyce Chen, West County Gloves, Mud Gloves, Corona and more.