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At Kennedy's we pride ourselves in being a vital part of the community.  There are so many great and worthy causes across the South Shore we try to support.  Due to the volume of donation requests, we cannot say yes to every one, but we say yes to a lot.  

Win-win situations
As a small business with a limited marketing budget, we are also limited in being able to offer sponsorships or money donations.  Our marketing budget is also limited.  For this reason we are often open minded to working with non-profits to get the word out about Kennedy's in exchange for a donation of a gift certificate or a product or service.  If you think you have a win-win situation that could benefit your cause or group and Kennedy's we welcome you taking the time to fill out a request below.

Gift Certificates
We are most open to donations of smaller size gift certificates.  They allow your group to raise money near or above the value a Kennedy's Gift Certificate and they often bring new customers in the door for us.  We have made arrangements with some groups to sell our gift certificates at a reduced rate as a fundraiser.

Some groups just need to borrow a few plants for a graduation or fundraiser to give it some seasonal color and flare.  We say yes to some groups on this in exchange for them letting their guests know about our donation with signage and events announcements and or add placements in event books. 

If you feel you have a win-win idea, please fill out the Donation Request Form below.