Landscape Design Services

Since our humble beginnings in the 1960's, Kennedy's has been offering landscape services on the South Shore. Today, many consider us the leader in the area with many local landscape contractors who are considered Kennedy's Alumni. Let our design experience & knowledge guide you through your next landscape project.  While we do not install all of our designs, our knowledge of the landscape contracting trade allows us to help you select the very best contractor for your project.  Below is a list of our design services and types of projects with which we can help.  


A complete landscape design and installation is an investment of time and money that will increase the value of your property and your enjoyment of it. The process may require several weeks to several years to complete depending on the scope, complexity, and timing. Our "Complete Design Build" is your best choice if you are looking to have the most beautiful landscape in the neighborhood.  Following the initial consult and additional meetings, the designer conceives and drafts a landscape plan.

The Plan: Design-build landscape plans can range from modest to master, and may include hardscape elements such as walkways, walls, fire pits, or more. The designer puts together a proposal for the implementation of your project and you are invited to review the plan and the proposal for installation.

The Installation: Upon acceptance, your landscape project goes to scheduling. The installation of your new landscape project is overseen by our landscape designer. We advise and help select a landscape contractor that is right for your job. Our landscape contractors back up their labor and will replace at no charge any trees and shrubs covered under our guarantee. The Kennedy’s Complete Landscape Design Build ensures you a professional quality job from start to finish. It is the attention to detail that make a Kennedy’s landscape project stand apart from the rest. 




Bring us the photos, supply the measurements, and tell us about the conditions.  If we have what we need, a Kennedy's designer will draw a landscape plan on your first visit.  To do this properly, click here for all the printable details.


This service was designed to make the landscaping process easy, fast and simple for you. It works best when you have a designated area ready to be landscaped. It should be void of plants and debris. This is often a planting area in front of your house where all the old overgrown plants have been removed or it could be a new house or garden space that is ready to be planted for the first time.  The, "On The Spot Design Service" works well if you want to complete a landscape project quickly or if you have trouble visualizing landscape plans. Kennedy's delivers and arranges several combinations of plants at your home so you can see the design with the plants in place before they are planted. You get to keep the plants you like.  


DSC_8375 (1).jpg

When you don't know enough about your plants, we do a walk-about to familiarize you with what you have and get advice about best practices.  Our designer is happy to answer garden questions of all kinds such as identifying your existing plants, telling you how to prune and maintain plants, suggest plants that need to be moved or replaced. We are happy to give you design ideas, draw a sketch or take measurements and photos to do future designs or projects.