Kennedy's Bulk Compost

Compost is the best way to improve poor soil or boost a soil from good to great.  Typically compost is used to enrich soil, add better air and water holding capacity as well as providing beneficial living organisms to the soil.  We carry compost in 1 cubic foot bags from great brands such as Coast of Maine and Organic Mechanics.  They are very high quality and convenient but can be costly when you have a need to buy more than say 5-10 bags. 

Kennedy's carries compost in bulk up in our back forty for those of you who need more than a few cubic feet of compost.  There is significant savings by buying compost in bulk.  To make the math easy, we will keep things in round numbers.  A yard of compost is 27 cubic feet.  27 bags of 1 cf bags at $10 each equals $270/per yard.  Bulk compost is much cheaper.   We have two grades of organic compost we sell the by yard.  It can be delivered (3-yard minimum) or picked up in a truck or using trash barrels or totes.  Our Extra Premium Compost is the best compost we have found commercially available in bulk and Kennedy's recommends it for vegetable gardens since it comes from a farm.  Our Premium Compost is a little less money and good for planting shrubs, trees, perennials, and lawn renovations.  It can also be used in vegetable gardens if you don't want to pay the Extra Premium price.  

For pricing and delivery options, please call the store.

To figure out how much compost you need, you can use this handy soil calculator.

To learn more about where our Extra Premium Compost comes from, watch this Chronicle segment.