Compliments of Campania, the Premier Designer, Manufacturer and Distributor of Fine Garden Accents

As plant experts, we collaborate with some of the finest partners locally and from around the world. The Campania name has become synonymous with stylish, well-made collections of garden accents, including original, finely crafted benches, birdbaths, planters, statuary and fountains.

Many of the materials Campania uses in its fountains (e.g., cast sone, fiber cement, glazed concrete and terra cotta) can expand and contract with changes in temperature, humidity, and the freeze/thaw cycle causing damage.

To preserve your fountain (and other fine garden accents), follow these six (6) steps to winterize:

1. Completely drain.

Whether you’ll be bringing indoors or leaving in place outside, always remove the drain plugs and allow your fountain to completely empty.

Removing the water makes it much easier to move indoors and clean before storing. When leaving larger fountains outdoor for the winter, it keeps water from freezing/thawing and causing cracks.

2. Clean.

Before you store your fountain indoors, clean with a mild soap and a soft bristle brush. Do not use bleach as it may affect the patina.

If storing your fountain outdoors, you may want to clean now and/or again in the spring.

3. Bring Indoors.

If you can safely move your fountain and have room for it, we recommend storing it out of the elements and in a dry, covered location for best results.

4. Bring components inside.

If you can’t safely move your fountain indoors, it’s important to remove all internal components (e.g., stoppers, tubing, lights, pump, etc.) and take them inside.

If you choose to leave the pump outside, we recommend covering with a towel and plastic bag to ensure it stays dry. For best results, remove and bring indoors.

5. Elevate.

If you leave your fountain outdoors, elevate it to avoid its base freezing to the ground and cracking.

6. cover.

Covering your fountain minimizes damage caused from water, excessive weight and the freeze/thaw cycle. Make sure to use a breathable cover (never plastic) that doesn’t cause condensation and freezing.

You’ll also want to make sure the cover is taut to avoid pooling and to tie the cover around the bottom of the fountain.


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Watch for more blogs and resources on growing, planting, pruning and caring for your plants, tools, outdoor hardscape and accents and so much more. Until then, you’ll find some great resources online.  And feel free to reach out to us in store or by phone at (781) 545-1266. We live for this stuff!

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