SmartTank Rain Water Harvesting System

2015-07-06 Smart Tank

Drought got you down?  Not when you have a gargantuan rain barrel!!!  During the drought of 2016, at the end of July, our 1,150 gallon Smart Tank was empty.  The brief rain storms we had during the week of August 8th filled it back up all the way to the top.  All of that runoff from our roof would have been wasted without that tank.  Instead, we were able to water plants from it for several weeks.
Not your average rain barrel, the high tech, high capacity Smart Tank comes with a complete filtration and pump system, ensuring clean rain water with plenty of water pressure even in the middle of a drought.  Tanks range in size from a super-sized 1,150 gallons (shown here) down to a modest 150 gallons.  Tanks can be camouflaged with shrubs or even buried in the ground.  Come see our tanks and ask for a demonstration and pricing details.
You, too, can reduce your water bills and help preserve our precious water supply!