Potting Services & Custom Containers

The creative team at Kennedy’s sets us apart from all the other garden stores on the South Shore.  It is one thing to sell plants, it is another thing to know how to combine them to make stunning and successful combinations that will last for months at a time.  With all of our annuals, tropicals, edibles, perennials, houseplants, and even shrubs to choose from, the possibilities are endless.  Be sure to check out our seasonal selection of containers ready to put on your front step or back patio.

One of our specialties is the “The Filler Upper.”  These are combinations of plants planted in a low-profile plastic pot that will fit right into your cast iron urn.  Filler Uppers and all of our other Custom Containers take the stress out of choosing combinations that look great and will thrive in your conditions.  Just tell us what sunlight conditions you have and we will help you choose a Filler Upper or Custom Container that works for you.  If you don’t see the color combination, size, or quantity you need, we’ll be happy to make up a Custom Container to your specifications.

We also create spectacular dish gardens and plant baskets with houseplants and other indoor plants that make wonderful gifts.

You can also bring in your own containers and we’ll be happy to plant them up for you.  Whether it’s a single houseplant that needs to be repotted or a full set of window boxes, we’ll work with you to capture your style and help you decorate successfully with living color.

Let us help you make gardening easy and fun!  You don’t need to tell anyone your secret!

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