Tick & Mosquito Controls

Ticks and mosquitos are becoming increasingly dangerous and Kennedy’s has solutions.  Since both insects carry diseases that can cause human health problems.  Lyme disease and West Nile are well documented in this area and Zika virus is scaring a lot of international health officials.  There are several over the counter products that can help protect you and your family so you can enjoy your yard without fear.  Kennedy’s has also partnered with a local company that can do the spraying reliably and safely.  See below for details.

Do-it-Yourself Repellents & Controls

Kennedy’s has products to help protect your family that you can easily use yourself.  There are two types of protection, one involves killing insects and the other involves repelling them.  Let’s start with repelling.  You can protect yourself by using a repellent body spray.  We carry a natural product that repels ticks and mosquitoes.  Users have given us excellent feedback with many repeat customers.  You can also spray repellents around the perimeter of your yard and gardens before you use your yard for gardening or parties, cookouts, etc.  The other effective way to kill ticks and other insects is to treat outside areas with an insecticide.  There are very safe ones available over the counter.Yaya Tick Repellent

Products available at Kennedy’s:

Yaya Tick Ban – The label says it is a 90% organic tick repellent, deet-free, 100% natural, great for kids, effective, has a nice scent and repels other insects besides ticks.  Our customers and staff give us excellent feedback and many have purchased this product several times.

Mosquito RepellentBonide’s Mosquito Beater – Their website says – “All natural, residual formula repels mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other nuisance insects for up to two weeks.  Great for lawns, patios, gardens, barns…. any outdoor area.  Pleasantly scented.  One quart treats 5000 sq. ft.  Contains Cedar Oil, Citronella, Geranium Oil, Lemongrass Oil, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  Convenient, no-mix, ready-to-spray applicator.”Eight RTS Tick Control

Bonide’s Eight Yard and Garden – We have sold this product for years because it is known to be very safe, effective, and has multiple uses including killing ticks & mosquitoes.  For ticks it should be sprayed where they typically hang out, such as areas with high grass, leaf litter, etc.  This is often the perimeter of your property along woods or unkempt fields.  Ticks do not typically populate managed lawns and garden beds.  The Bonide website says about Eight:  “Permethrin 2.5%.  Non-staining, water based.  Use as a general home and grounds spray to keep out invading ants, ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, and flies… can be used directly on homes, patios, porches, garages…  Controls over 100 insects on fruit, nuts, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, roses…”   The active ingredient is safe enough that is used in conventional vegetable production and in other formulations for treating dogs, horses, etc. for insects, but we have heard it may have toxicity to cats so be cautious if you have outdoor cats.Damminix Tick Tubes

Damminix Tick Tubes –  These cardboard tubes are stuffed with cotton balls.  The instructions tell you to leave these tubes outside on the ground in areas of your property where rodents might live, such as wood, brush and leaf piles, rock walls, landscape beds, etc.  The cotton balls are treated with Permethrin (same ingredient/different formula as Bonide’s Eight).  Rodents are known to take the cotton balls to use as nesting material.  The insecticide on the cotton balls kills the ticks in the nest.  This is known to stop or reduce the tick population in your yard if used properly.  One of the advantages is it is very easy to use.

As with all chemicals be sure to read the directions and follow them carefully.

Professional Tick & Mosquito Spraying

If you wish to leave the tick and mosquito control to a professional, Kennedy’s can connect you with an expert that can handle the spraying.  Kennedy’s has partnered with a local company that will come to your house to apply monthly treatments.  This way the job actually gets done and is done by an expert.  According to the company, “Jason the applicator has 15 years experience banishing ticks and mosquitoes from yards.  Jason holds multiple state certificates allowing him to treat your yard safely.”  The active ingredients they use are very safe and include things like cedar, rosemary, and peppermint oil and have been proven to be very effective.

Program Pricing as of April 21, 2016:

Mosquito Program
starting at $59.99 per treatment

Tick and Mosquito Program
starting at $69.99 per treatment

*One free treatment when signing up for annual program.

To sign up for a treatment program, please email us at info@KennedsyCountryGardens.com and we will have our partner contact you.


Click here for more information about ticks from the University of Massachusetts Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment.