Our role in the community as gardening coaches & educators is taken very seriously at Kennedy’s.  That is why we choose our words wisely.  The word organic can be quite controversial and often hard to define.  We prefer the term “earth friendly.”  Some organic fertilizers and sprays are considered more dangerous than some of their chemical counterparts.  Just because it is organic doesn’t mean you should put it on your Cheerios in the morning!  What is important, is that we think about what we are doing when using fertilizers, bug sprays, weed killers, and fungicides in the garden.

The staff at Kennedy’s is experienced and knowledgeable about earth friendly gardening practices.  Our goal is to have beautiful gardens while minimizing the negative impact of our gardening practices on our environment.  We carry a wide assortment of organic products and, when there are organic or earth friendly options we, recommend them.  Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something, and we will recommend letting nature run its course when appropriate.

On the other hand, and for many reasons, we are not anti-chemical at Kennedy’s.  If we were to stop stocking chemical products, we would lose customers to the hardware and box stores who would not spend any time educating them about alternatives to the chemical products.

The conversion to organics sometimes comes with time and with a bit of tolerance.  We are not always quick to change in New England.  As we wait for more and more people to come around to more earth friendly practices, we continue to stock chemical products while we educate customers one at a time.

Stop in soon to explore our earth friendly shelves and help us cut back the need to stock any chemicals at all.  Thank you!

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