Garden Supplies

Kennedy’s goal is to stock a wide selection of high-quality products to make you successful in the garden.

Garden Fertilizers – Espoma has a great line of earth friendly shrub, tree, perennial, and vegetable fertilizers.  Gloucester-based Neptune’s Harvest produces organic fertilizers full of nutrients harvested from the sea.  Their Fish and Seaweed Blend is a mix of hydrolyzed fish and seaweed concentrate that provides a complete fertilization program for fruit, vegetable, foliage, and flowering plants.  Coast of Maine’s Lobster and Kelp Plant Food is another New England favorite.  We also carry conventionally produced fertilizers for use in your garden, containers, and houseplants with a variety of nutritional formulations.

OrganicsSee our Organics page, but one company we’d like to highlight is Organic Plant Magic.  We love this company for many reasons.  They are local and as green as they come.  The owners are customers from Marshfield and now we are customers of theirs.  Their Elements fertilizer is an organic fertilizer and soil enhancer.  In addition to macro and micro nutrients, it also contains inert microorganisms that establish populations of beneficial bacteria and fungi when watered into the soil.  These beneficial microbes are part of the soil food web that is critical to the growth and health of all plants.  They help plants take up necessary nutrients and fend off disease.  Elements can be added to the soil at time of planting and/or mixed with water and used as a liquid fertilizer or foliar drench.  We recommend using this product when planting new plants and at least monthly to maintain healthy plants.  Give Elements a try.  We’ll be happy to pass the results on to the owners of Organic Plant Magic, Kevin and Kerry of Marshfield.

Bagged Soils & Mulches – Kennedy’s uses the very best suppliers of soils and mulches such as Fafard, Coast of Maine, and Hoffman.  Whether planting in pots indoors or outside, or planting in the ground, we have everything you need.  For houseplants or outdoor containers, choose between organic and conventional preparations of all-purpose or specialty potting mixes.  Coast of Maine potting soil is an excellent product which is particularly effective because of its high organic materials content that retains moisture for thirsty plants and its micro-organisms that help make nutrients available to plants.  Also available are soil amendments such as perlite and vermiculite which help lighten soil and improve drainage.  Fafard’s Ultra Outdoor Planting Mix is our most popular bagged product for outdoor planting; we recommend it as a soil amendment when planting any tree or shrub.  Coast of Maine supplies us with most of our bagged mulches.  They have very consistent quality.  Dark Bark is our most popular while their Enriching Mulch is one of the best mulches for use around more tender plants such as perennials and vegetables.

Compost – We carry bags of Coast of Maine Lobster Compost and Fafard Composted Garden Manure.  For larger projects, consider either of our two lines of locally produced, premium organic compost.  They are sold in bulk and are available for pick up or delivery.

Lawn Care – We carry grass seed produced by the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association because their blends are specifically formulated to perform well in New England.  Our selection of weed, fungus, and grub control products will help you trouble shoot any problems.  Call to inquire about availability of sod in the spring and fall.

Lawn Fertilizers – We carry quality lines such as Organica, MNLA, and Bay State, among others. Organica is the best 4-step lawn care program for the do-it-yourself homeowner.  MNLA is a semi-organic lawn fertilizer.  It is strong enough to green lawns quickly, but has the long lasting qualities of an organic fertilizer.  Turf-O-Ganic is the perfect bridge product for lawns coming off the highs of stronger chemical fertilizers.  Bay State is a recycled product made from Boston Harbor sludge, great for lawns and non-edible gardens.

Seeds, Bulbs, & Bare Root Veggies – You’ll love our extensive selection of seeds for annuals, vegetables, and perennials.  Many organic varieties.  Seed starter kits, soil, peat pots, and heating mats will get you going in the spring.  Plant some bulbs in the fall for beautiful spring tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other flowers.  Wow your friends with summer dahlias and gladiolus that you plant in the spring.

Remedies & Controls – Kennedy’s has a complete array of remedies and controls for almost any garden problem including weeds, insects, disease, rodents, and deer.  We specialize in earth friendly and organic products.  Click here for more on tick and mosquito control.

Tools & Garden Gadgets – Kennedy’s features some of the highest quality tools known to true gardeners.  Felco and Corona are two of the best names for pruning tools.  One of our favorite tools is the circle hoe.  It makes weeding much easier.  Trust us, we use this tool in our own display gardens!   In our watering section you will find sprinklers, hoses, and watering cans, including top of the line Haws English watering cans.  Click here for information about top of the line, high-tech rainwater harvesting Smart Tanks.

Stakes & Plant Supports – Kennedy’s carries an array of wooden and bamboo stakes as well as some of the best tomato cages and peony supports money can buy.

Garden Gloves, Hats, Kneelers & More – Our hats, including Wallaroo hats which are designed to provide excellent sun protection, are great for gardening, the beach, or any other outdoor activity.  Protect your hands and arms with a wide assortment of gardening gloves, and your knees with one of our kneelers.  Our selection is second to none on the South Shore.

Fish & Pond Supplies – Keep your fish healthy and your pond and other water features in good working order.  Fish food, water treatment products, pumps and filters, netting, and miscellaneous supplies are available in our Fish and Pond Supplies section.

Seasonal – Look for an extensive selection of high-quality bulbs for spring-flowering plants arriving each fall.  You’ll also find adorable gourds and mini pumpkins in the Garden Center once the temperatures start to drop and the days begin to shorten.  By mid-November, we are getting ready for Christmas, with our creative team hard at work out in Greenhouse #4.  The Garden Center starts to fill up with decorated boxwood trees and festive baskets of greenery.  And, from tree stands, to tree preservative, to strings of fairy lights, we have all the odds and ends you need to successfully decorate your Christmas tree.


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