Garden Decor and Furniture

Explore Kennedy’s for a fine selection of garden decor, fountains, bird baths, trellises, and furniture.  Be sure to check out our display gardens – almost all our pieces are for sale.

One of our best suppliers for outdoor garden products, including decorative and functional fountains, benches, birdbaths, statues, pottery, and more, is Campania International.  We place orders several times a year, so ask to see our catalog if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the store.

2013-05-06 Statuary 008  2015-04-28 Campania Bunny

2013-04-10 Pottery 2  2013-05-17 Chairs

2013-11-04 Pottery 021  2015-03-06 Campania Gnome

2013-11-04 Pottery 001  2015-04-28 Campania Zen Frog 001

2013-05-06 Statuary 013  2015-04-28 Campania Planter 001

2013-11-04 Pottery 004  Tigger - doing what he does best