Christmas Trees, Plants, and Decor

Christmas is one of our favorite and busiest times at Kennedy’s Country Gardens.  We specialize in fresh, local greens and fresh custom design.  We carry up to ten different varieties of cut trees, most of which are also sourced locally.  And our seasonal houseplants are always top quality.

2015-11-12 GH1 Cyclamen  2015-11-16 Wreath Seaside_7537

Starting in early November, our creative team sets up shop in our largest greenhouse to begin creating custom designed wreaths, pot fillers, custom containers, wall and floor baskets, swags, and roping.  Our sources provide us with the freshest local and native greens, twigs, and berries available.  Additional sources supply more exotic items to round out our selection.  People love juniper and winterberry for the lovely berries they provide.  Curly willow branches provide an interesting focal point for containers, as do red- and yellow-twig dogwood.  Birch poles in different diameters and lengths add a stunning, architectural look to containers.

2015-11-12 GH1 Shaped Plants V_7489  2015-11-16 Wreath Fruit_7532

The seaside theme is huge on the South Shore.  For themed wreaths, it is our top seller.  Another favorite style is fruit, perhaps because it transitions from Thanksgiving to Christmas so well.  Our natural-style items are decorated with berries, pods, and cones.  And traditionalists love our classic red and green designs.

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2015-11-12 Gift Shop Tree Seashell  2015-11-16 FU Birch 4

2015-12 Christmas Cactus  2015-11-12 Gift Shop Bears

2015-11-12 Gift Shop Tree Owls  2015-11-16 FU Natural Detail 2

Amaryllis Red 2    2015-11-16 Wreath Natural_7568