On the Spot Design

This service was designed to make the landscaping process easy, fast and simple for you. It is not for everyone. It works best when you have designated an area to be landscaped and it is clear of debris and ready to be planted. This is often a planting area in front or around your house where all the old overgrown plants have been removed or it could be a new garden space that is ready to be planted. If this is your situation, we recommend to keep reading. This option works well if you want to complete a landscape project quickly or if you have trouble visualizing landscape plans. Kennedy’s delivers and arranges several combinations of plants at your home so you can see the design with the plants in place before they are planted.

Blank Slate before On the SpotBefore you are ready for our ‘On the Spot’ delivery & setup service, we recommend either having an on site Garden Consultation with our Landscape Designer or bring in photos, measurements, etc. into Kennedy’s as part of our free in store Plant-A-Plan service. If you chose the first option with our designer, please bring in the plan or sketch and some photographs (printed so we can see them well) of the exiting conditions. The staff at Kennedy’s can then show you several options for trees & shrubs, etc. that will work well with your plan. Instead of having to decide on every plant at Kennedy’s, we will then schedule a time to deliver and setup several combinations of plants at your property. No more second guessing whether you would like it or not, we won’t leave until you are happy with the look. Professional design, proper spacing and long term results will be considered as we set up your newly beautified space. You can choose to have the plants installed by a contractor or you can plant them yourself, the choice is yours.

Hope In Bloom Hingham GardenKennedy’s ‘On the Spot’ service includes a pre-paid fee of $200*. It includes delivery to local towns and setup of the plants. The cost for materials is additional. A deposit is required and we need to keep a credit card on file so that payment can be processed upon completion of the job. If for any reason you do not like the design or our plant choices, there is no obligation to take any of the plants. However, the pre-paid fee for Kennedy’s transporting the plants and the designer’s time is non-refundable. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with your new landscape.

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*Fee based on a maximum 2 hour round trip per garden. Kennedy’s will charge $50 per hour per person for any additional time needed. Additional trips or delivery of materials will be charged accordingly.

Local towns we service include Marshfield, Scituate, Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, Hanover, Norwell, Pembroke and Duxbury. Availability to service towns beyond this area are negotiable based on staff schedules and travel time. Kennedy’s will do our best to meet your schedule demands. Weekdays are typically best for us to offer this services, but some weekends may be available.