Betty Greene’s Bio

I design gardens with the idea of inspiring people to live more fully on their own properties, while enjoying their land as a special part of their lives.

My interest in growing and designing with plants began as a young adult living next to a dairy farm in Old Deerfield Massachusetts where I had my first vegetable/flower garden. I found out quickly how important being close to the earth and involved with plants are for me. From that beginning I progressed to designing my own one acre organic garden (veg/shrub & flower) on the land where I raised a family for 21 years.

With all my spare time I read, studied and experimented with plants and as an artist with a degree in design & painting I decided to open up the possibilities of creating beauty in other peoples’ gardens. It has been one of my clearest and best decisions. For the last 28 years I have simply loved my work!

My goal when first meeting with new clients is to get as much information about their plant and design likes and dislikes, their lifestyle and how they imagine they will use the different parts of their property. From this I can make suggestions about plants that will do well and areas they might consider using as gardens. I also consider hard-scaping issues like walkways, walls and patios, all which enhance the ease of living and moving around a home. I also like to consider the views from different windows in the house, so that we might create beautiful vignettes to view from indoors.

My partnership with Kennedy’s Country Gardens began in 2001 and I have felt only gratitude for the entire experience. I can always feel confident about the plants that my customers buy there and the service that they will find while shopping. It is a perfect collaboration!