Why Houseplants?

There are a lot of beautiful large homes on the South Shore, but one of the things I have noticed to be absent in a lot of these homes is houseplants. It is true most people do not have a lot of time to care for plants, never mind taking care of kids, cleaning, cooking, soccer games, church, etc. So it makes sense houseplants do not get high on the priority list. However, there are a lot of benefits, some mental and others biological. NASA has done studies on houseplants. In fact, plants inside the home or office are very beneficial. Not only are they pretty and cheerful to look at, they also take pollutants and harmful CO2 out of the air. According to Wikipedia, CO2 is known to cause people to lose productivity in the office. Guessing that happens in the home too? For the most part, if you match your conditions with the correct plants, house plants can be very easy to care for. We hear stories all the time of how many years and in some instances generations people have managed to kept their houseplants going. Let our experts at Kennedy’s match up the right houseplants with your conditions. The rewards will make you breath deep!