Fall Plants and Decor

We love fall!  Stop in seven days a week to see our new arrivals.  Fall annuals including mums, pansies, cabbages and kales, peppers, and grasses fill our benches, with fresh stock arriving almost daily throughout the season.  In our perennials section, we have late bloomers including sedums (great for this dry spell!), Montauk Daisies, anemones, and much more.  In our nursery we carry a stunning selection of evergreens, plus late blooming shrubs and other plants that add fall and winter interest to your garden.  Fall bulbs for spring blooms arrive in September – shop early for the best selection of the best quality bulbs.  Starting in mid-September, we have a fantastic selection of pumpkins, gourds, and ornamental squashes, plus bales of hay, cornstalks, and other items for indoor and outdoor decorating.

2014-09-15-mums-pink-020 2015-10-14-cabbage asters-display-1 pink-fall_71542013-09-06-mixed-perennials-001 2014-08-sedum-and-grass fanciful-display-1 fall-perennial-asters 10 2013-09-30 Giant Pumpkin Vert 067 2014-09-11-lavendar-cary-rud-actaea-004 2014-08-asters-and-cabbage 2013-08-02 Achillea and Artemisia 041 2014-08-04-tall-perennials-24 2015-08-echinacea_7105 2015-10-mums-pink-and-red 2014-09-15-mums-orange-017 2014-09-15 Squash 030 2014-08-04-orange-yellow-perennials-102014-09-15-mums-yellow-023 2014-09-30-mums-benches-004 2013-08-29-sedum-etc-010 2013-09-30-asters-daisies-and-artemesia-024 2014-09-15-squash-029 2013-08-29-sedum-and-rudbeckia-006 09 2013-10-08 Mums Pink 033 08 2013-08-12 Helenium Kanaria 002 2014-09-30 Asters 012 2013-10-12 Dog Scarecrow 021