Fall Lawn Care Tips

We have seen and heard of a widespread lawn issues this summer and fall. Two of the major issues have been grub damage and crabgrass. We are happy to help solve these issues. If you are dealing with lawn issues, this is the time to get your project moving, while the weather is still very conducive to growing grass. Grubs can be dealt with chemicals or organically. I had an issue in one section on my yard and recently used some beneficial nematodes to fight them off. We sell them at Kennedy’s and our supplier will actually send them to you directly to ensure freshness and viability. They claim there are over 7 million parasitic type nematodes that attack and feed on the grubs. I like this option so much better than chemicals, especially with kids playing in the yard and the neighbor’s dog to worry about. Like so many others, I had some crabgrass issues too. I am dealing with both issues by adding some compost to my lawn and over-seeding. Crabgrass is slowing down now, but ready to leave a seed behind for next year. This is a perfect time to cover up the weeds and seeds so they don’t come back. Again we can do this without the need of chemicals. I dumped a few wheelbarrow fills of compost and spread it with rake. I compressed the compost a little with a roller and applied my seed by hand. I rolled it one more time to ensure the seed makes good contact with the soil and then setup up my sprinkler. I have a battery powered timer on my faucet so the sprinkler comes on every few hours to keep the seed moist, even when I’m at work. I hope to have green lawn agin before my son’s B-day party in a few weeks. If you have any lawn care questions or need seed and supplies, we are here 7 days a week to help.