Parties & Events at Kennedy’s

Patio size sunny day soem shadows 6-26-2016Patio lawn looking up at pillars sunny shadows 6-26-2016 Patio side stewartia sunny day shadows 6-26-2016 Kennedys Event Patio Water ViewPatio size towards garage sunny day some shadows 6-26-2016 2 Patio Table view of river 6-10-2016 Patio Table view of stacked pots 6-26-2016 Patio tables for Andrews Party 6-10-2016 back patio 2Patio view from office sunny day 6-26-16 Patio view of river from above patio 6-26-2016  Kennedys Event Patio 2Patio dinner 1Kennedy’s is a unique venue for events such as dinner parties, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and even weddings.  Call 781-545-1266 and ask for owner Chris Kennedy to discuss the possibilities.  Our greenhouses are also available!

Video 1 Event Patio at Kennedy’s

Video 2 Event Patio at Kennedy’s

Patio entrance Andrews party 6-10-2016

Kennedys Event Patio 1  Kennedys Event Patio 3 Kennedys Event Patio Display Gardens Kennedys Event Patio Display Gardens 2 P1000001