Fall Lawn Care Tips

We have seen and heard of a widespread lawn issues this summer and fall. Two of the major issues have been grub damage and crabgrass. We are happy to help solve these issues. If you are dealing with lawn issues, this is the time to get your project moving, while the weather is still very conducive to growing grass. [Read more…]

Time to Plant!

Early spring is a safe time to transplant almost all trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, grasses, roses and more. Do so before they start to grow new leaves if possible. Avoid digging or dividing plants that bloom early unless you are willing to sacrifice the flowers this spring. [Read more…]

Time to Water!

Rain is in the forecast, we hope, but it has been a dry spring as of this writing. Even in spring, plants can dry out and suffer drought stress. Make sure any plants that have been planted or transplanted with in the last 12 months get a good soaking once per week. [Read more…]

Cutting Back Grasses in the Garden

Ornamental Grasses add beauty and texture to a garden. Grasses in New England start emerging from the ground in the spring as the weather begins to warm. By late spring early summer they are usually full grown and looking great! As the summer rolls along many varieties start to send up plumes/flowers. [Read more…]

Why Houseplants?

There are a lot of beautiful large homes on the South Shore, but one of the things I have noticed to be absent in a lot of these homes is houseplants. It is true most people do not have a lot of time to care for plants, never mind taking care of kids, cleaning, cooking, soccer games, church, etc. So it makes sense houseplants do not get high on the priority list. However, there are a lot of benefits, some mental and others biological. [Read more…]

April Pruning Tip

Chris Kennedy’s Green Gardener early April tip of the week. Let’s talk about pruning. Early spring is the time to cleanup and prune back tender perennials such as Hosta, Coneflowers, Sedums and all of your ornamental grasses. Cut them as close to the ground as possible. Woodier perennials such as Catmint, Russian Sage and Montauk Daisies should be cut back, but it is best to leave last year’s stems about 3-6” long. [Read more…]

April Planting Tip

It is okay to plant all trees & shrubs, grasses and rose bushes in April. It is also safe to plant cold season annuals and vegetables. At Kennedy’s we stoe our outdoor ready plants outside and our tender material inside. You only need to worry about planiting the above listed plants if they have been inside a warm greenhouse or were shipped in from a warmer climate. A sudden dip in temperature could injure plants in this situation, but it is rare. Ask a Kennedy’s asscociate for any assistance.

Little Seedlings

Continue to nurture those little seedlings being raised indoors. In particular, you should feed them about every two weeks. Use a regular, balanced household fertilizer at about fifty percent of the recommended dilution. This nudges their growth along and gives the plants a boost in strength.